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The Mongolian collections: retracing Hans Leder
Maria-Katharina Lang, Stefan Bauer
Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2013; 137 pp.
dpal 'brug zhib 'jug lte ba/
not specified
Thimphu, Bhutan
Introduction to the Collected Works of the Founder of the Drukpa Kagyu ('Brug pa bKa' brgyud) School: Tsangpa Gyare (gTsang pa rgya ras, 1161-1211)
Article / Essay / Paper
Seiji Kumagai
Buddhism without borders [Proceedings of the international conference on globalized Buddhism, Bumthang, Bhutan, May 21-23, 2012], 2012: pp. 35-53
A Forgotten Incarnation Lineage: The Yol-mo-ba sprul-skus (16th to 18th Centuries)
Article / Essay / Paper
Franz-Karl Ehrhard
The Pandita and the Siddha: Tibetan studies in honour of E. Gene Smith, 2007: pp. 25-49
A provisional list of Tibetological research papers and articles published in the People's Republic of China and Tibet
Per Sørensen
Stuttgart: Steiner Franz Verlag, 1991; 101 pp.
Mahāmudrā and the middle way: post-classical Kagyü discourses on mind, emptiness and the Buddha-nature
David Higgins, Martina Draszczyk
Wien: Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien, 2016; 2 vols.
History of the Forgotten Mother-Monastery of the rNying ma School: dPal ri Monastery in the Tibetan "Valley of the Emperors"
Article / Essay / Paper
Marc-Henri Deroche
Bulletin of Tibetology vol. 49 (no. 1), 2013: pp. 77-112
Das Leben des Byams-chen chos-rje und die Entwicklung des Klosters Se-ra
Article / Essay / Paper
Jeannine Bischoff, Rudolf Kaschewsky
Zentralasiatische Studien 45, 2016: pp. 591-650
The Great Perfection in the Early Biographies of the Northern Treasure Tradition: An Introduction to and Translation of The Life of Nam mkha' rgyal mtshan
Article / Essay / Paper
Jay Valentine
Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines 43, 2018: pp. 95-133
Introduction to and Translation of The Garland of Light: Lives of the Masters of the Northern Treasure Tradition
Article / Essay / Paper
Jay Valentine
Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines 39, 2016: pp. 133-165
The lords of the northern treasures: the development of the Tibetan institution of rule by successive incarnations
Thesis / dissertation
Jay Valentine
Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia, Department of Religious Studies, 2013; 347 pp.
Praj̃nāraśmi ('Phreng po gter Shes rab 'od zer, Tibet, 1518-1584): vie, oeuvre, et contributions à la tradition ancienne (rNying ma) et au mouvement non-partisan (ris med)
Thesis / dissertation
Marc-Henri Deroche
Paris: École Pratique des Hautes Études , 2011; 672 pp.
bya yar 'gro gsum gong dkar skor gzhas/
Article / Essay / Paper
lha rgyal/
bod kyi rtsom rig sgyu rtsal/ no. 2, 1984: pp. 86-87
'phreng po gter ston shes rab 'od zer gyi gsung 'bum/
'phreng po gter ston shes rab 'od zer/
Comp. Input; lha sa/: bod ljongs bod yig dpe rnying dpe skrun khang /, 2016; 7 vols.
Adorning Maitreya's intent: arriving at the view of nonduality; a commentary on the Madhyāntavibhāga, Distinguishing the middle from the extremes
Christian Bernert
Boulder: Snow Lion Publications, 2017; 176 pp.
Buddhism in Tibet & the Himalayas: texts & traditions
Franz-Karl Ehrhard
Kathmandu: Varja Publications, 2013; 528 pp.
Perfect or perfected? Rongtön on Buddha nature: a commentary on the fourth chapter of the Ratnagotravibhāga
Christian Bernert
Kathmandu: Varja Publications, 2018; 147 pp.
'jam mgon kong sprul gyi gsung 'bum rgya chen bka' yi mdzod kyi 'tshol bde'i dkar chag
not specified
Comp. Input; [lha sa/]: bod ljongs bod yig dpe rnying dpe skrun khang /, 2012; pp. 1-32
From Mediterranean to Himalaya - a Festschrift to commemorate the 120th birthday of the Italian Tibetologist Giuseppe Tucci
Francesco Sferra, dgra 'dul/
Beijing: China Tibetology Publishing House, 2014; ? 551 pp.
pho brang po ta la/
not specified
rig gnas dngos rdzas dpe skrun khang /, 1985; 28 pp. + 155 pl.
Saroruhavajra's Hevajra-lineage: a close study of the surviving Sanskrit works
Thesis / dissertation
Torsten Gerloff
Hamburg: University of Hamburg, Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, 2017; 892 pp.
The Bird-faced Monk and the Beginnings of the New Tantric Tradition: Part Two
Article / Essay / Paper
Leonard Van der Kuijp
bod rig pa'i dus deb/ (Journal of Tibetology) 19, 2018: pp. 86-127
bod rig pa'i dus deb/
Journal / Magazine
not specified
Chengdu, China: Center for Tibetan Studies of Sichuan University, 2004
Bang rim chos sde in Dwags po (11th-13th Century): mKhar nag lo tsā ba's Treatment and the Bai ser Follow-up
Article / Essay / Paper
Roberto Vitali
Unearthing Himalayan treasures: Festschrift for Franz-Karl Ehrhard, 2019: pp. 457-470
Notes on the Postal System (slungs) in the Tibetan Empire in the 7th-9th Centuries
Article / Essay / Paper
Helga Uebach
Unearthing Himalayan treasures: Festschrift for Franz-Karl Ehrhard, 2019: pp. 449-456