S5071: gong dkar chos sde lam 'bras phyag mchod/

SRC reference title
gong dkar lam 'bras bla mchod [mst]
Description / Remarks

This text is based on 'phags pa blo gros rgyal mtshan/ (1235–1280)'s lam 'bras phyag mchod, supplemented with ritual passages for the mchod pa/ and maṇḍala offering, as well as on gong dkar rdo rje gdan pa kun dga' rnam rgyal/ (1432–1496)'s lam 'bras phyag mchod kha skong [ms] and a further supplement by an unidentified Gongkar master . Its compilation might be based on the lam 'bras phyag mchod rgyas pa/ mentioned in gong dkar ba rnam thar I_A [2001] (p. 35). The text is the textual basis for rituals performed during the annual commemoration ceremony of brag thog pa bsod nams bzang po/ (d. 1460s?) on the 8th day of the 3rd Tibetan month at gong dkar chos sde/ Ⓢfield (India_2015-04)

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