བོད་ཡིག་ཡིག་གཟུགས། | Tibetan Unicode - A Basic Link List


On the Structure and Composition of Tibetan Unicode

- Tibetan script summary, Richard Ishida, r12a (accessed: 2018-06-29)

- Encoding Model of the Tibetan Script in the UCS, THL (accessed: 2019-04-02)

- Creating and Supporting OpenType Fonts for Tibetan Script, Microsoft Typography, by Mike Jacobs, 02/08/2018 (accessed: 2018-06-29)

Tibetan Unicode Block

Range: 0F00 to 0FFF (0×0F00 to 0×0FFF); ~ 207/211 characters

- Chart Tibetan, unicode.org (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Tibetan Collation Chart, Mimer (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- UniView 11: Tibetan, Richard Ishida, r12a (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Tibetan character notes, Richard Ishida, r12a (accessed: 2018-06-29)

Tibetan Fonts Overview

- Introduction and overview of Tibetan Fonts by Digital Tibetan wiki (accessed: 2019-04-02)

- Overview of Tibetan legacy fonts (pre-Unicode), THL (accessed: 2019-04-02; website out of date)

- Overview of Tibetan Unicode fonts, THL (accessed: 2019-04-02; website out of date)

- overview of available fonts at buddhism.ru: Tibetan Unicode books and decorative fonts collection (accessed: 2021-10-02), also in PDF format

Fonts for Download

- yig gzugs kun btus (accessed: 2018-06-29)
by lug tshang dpal yon/, example and download of Tibetan Unicode and legacy fonts (TibetanFont | ཡིག་གཟུགས། | 藏文字体)

- sonamdawa.com (accessed: 2019-04-02);
download of various Tibetan Unicode and non-Unicode fonts (also zipped); བོད་ཡིག་ཡིག་གཟུགས་ཕབས་ལེན། (accessed: 2019-04-02)

- Legacy Tibetan Font Systems: Fonts, Keyboards, and Applications, Tibetan and Himalayan Library (accessed: 2018-06-29)

- bod kyi yig gzugs dra ba/ / 藏族书法网
download of Lanydza (i.e. Rañjanā) and Wartu Unicode fonts under lan war yig mdzod thog ma rin med 'bul sbyin byed pa/

Tibetan fonts developed by Google
- Noto Sans Tibetan

- Qomolangma Fonts
developed by the China Tibetology Research Center, Beijing; download zip.file
Overview of CTRC fonts here

- Tibetan Fonts at buddhism.ru
download single fonts or the complete set here (accessed: 2021-10-02)

Character Picker

- Tibetan character picker (v. 22) by Richard Ishida, r12a (accessed: 2018-06-29)

Free Software to Modify TrueType or OpenType Fonts

- FontForge (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Glyphr-Studio-Online (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Glyphr-Studio-Desktop (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Inkscape (accessed: 2018-06-29)
- Visual OpenType Layout Tool, Microsoft (accessed: 2018-06-29)

See also tutorial by Craft Chatterbox on youtube (accessed: 2018-06-29)