Cataloguing Tibetan material in TEI (manuscript description module)


Here follows a short list of projects using TEI xml to describe Tibetan texts.

1. International Dunhuang Project

British Library
Encoding format: TEI XML; manuscript description module (since 2010?)
Language: Wylie, Extended Wylie (lang=“tib”)
released: 1998
cf. also IDP

2. Catalogue of the Tibetan Tantric Manuscripts from Dunhuang in the Stein Collection

University of Oxford Text Archive
Encoding format: TEI XML; TEI P4, manuscript description module
Language: Extended Wylie (lang=“tib”)
released: 2005
cf. also Dalton & Van Schaik 2006

3. Indo-Tibetan Books and Technology

University of Cambridge
Encoding format: TEI XML; TEI P4, msDesc
Language: Extended Wylie (lang=“bo-Latn-x-EWTS”)
released: 2013
cf. also TTBBC

4. Karchak: A catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries

Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
Encoding format: TEI XML; TEI P5, msDesc element
Language: Extended Wylie (lang=bo-Latn-x-EWTS), Tibetan (bo), LOC Wylie (lang=“bo-Latn-x-LC”)
released: 2019
cf. also Barrett 1993

5. Tibskrit Philology 2011, Dan Martin

encoded and distributed by Dharma Drum Buddhist College (Jinshan, Taiwan)
Encoding format: TEI XML; TEI P5; not acc. to manuscript description module
Language: without particular language encoding
released: 2011
cf. also Tibskrit 2011