Tibetan Pronunciation - learning material


Resources for learning proper pronunciation of Central Tibetan dialect (dbus skad/) as a second language

Published Material

- Pronunciation drills in Manual of standard Tibetan: language and civilization (i.e. Tournadre & Dorje 2003, drills on CD)
- Lhasa verbs: a practical introduction (i.e. Lhasa verbs [2004]), with interactive CD; dataset available from zenodo (accessed: 2019-12-30)
- Learning material by Chok Tenzin Monlam , Speak fluent Tibetan (i.e. Chok 2013, with CD) and Standard Tibetan pronunciation: a breakthrough in learning to pronounce and read (i.e. Chok forthcoming, unpublished)
- rigs pa'i gter/ 'dzin grwa dang po'i slob deb/ (bod kyi gzhi rim skad yig slob deb/ skya smon lam thebs rtsa khang /, 2020. gong dkar dga' ba/ et al. eds.), pp. 9-11

Online Resources

- Esukhia online learning material, including EsukhiaX books, EsukhiaX Soundcloud, Esukhia Youtube (accessed: 2020-01-12)
- Monlam-Tibetan-Universal-Pronunciations (smon lam thun mong skad gdangs mnyen chas/), download from Monlam IT (accessed: 2020-01-12)

Further Reading

- slob dpon bsod nams rtse mo/ (1142–1182). yi ge'i bklag thabs byis pa bde blag tu jug pa/ (i.e. byis pa bde blag tu jug pa [mst])
- sa skya paNDi ta kun dga' rgyal mtshan/ (1182–1251). byis pa bde blag tu 'jug pa'i rnam bshad/ (i.e. byis pa rnam bshad [2007])
- rdo dgon gsang bdag rdo rje/ . bod kyi yi ge'i sgra 'jam rtsub dang / lci yang / mtho dma' bcas kyi skor mdo tsam brjod pa/ (i.e. yi ge'i sgra kyi skor mdo tsam brjod pa [1996])
- rdo dgon gsang bdag rdo rje/ . bod kyi yi ge'i 'jam rtsub dang / lci yang / sgra mtho dma' bcas kyi rnam gzhag bshad pa dang sbrag yi ge'i sgra dag por 'don pa'i thabs sogs cung zad bshad pa/ (i.e. sgra dag por 'don pa'i thabs skor bshad pa [1997])
- Learn Tibetan Resources, Guhyasamaja Center Blog, 2011-09-13 (accessed: 2019-12-30)