Printing Tibetan texts in Pecha format


There are basically two ways to print texts in Pecha format from a PDF (provided that each folio is a single page in the PDF document)

1. Customising the print settings

- Printing multiple folios on a single page can easily be done through customising the print settings (choose size, folios per page)

- printing multiple folios on one page as traditional upside-down Pecha in duplex mode is not possible due to the distorted folio pagination
- the original page size gets automatically reduced when printing multiple folios on a single page!

2. Re-organizing of the folio sequence

To print a traditional 2-sided, upside-down Pecha from a PDF document can be achieved by rearranging the folio sequence with additional software like the….

A) BDRC Pecha printer

- software to generate a PDF for Pecha-printout (2-sided, upside-down, duplex print, A4 or A3 size)
- download from GitHub: པར་གཞི་སྒྲིག་ཆས། Pecha Printer (accessed: 2021-03-29)

- images resized (scaled to 300 dpi), reordered and rearranged

B) PDFill

- can create a PDF to print multiple folios on a landscape page (duplex printing; different sizes)
- see detailed instructions under Pecha printing with Windows (accessed: 2021-03-29)

- folios images not resized

Example: 2 folios on A4 landscape page (duplex)

1. split/reorder pages"
add sequence (e.g. for 20 folios): 1,3,4,2,5,7,8,6,9,11,12,10,13,15,16,14,17,19,20

2. “reformat multiple folios” into one page