P2428: kun dga' rgyal mtshan/

  • rje btsun rdo rje 'chang chen po kun dga' rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po/
  • Active Period: 15th/16th cent.
Biographical data

- considered an incarnation of chos rje nyi lde ba/ aka 'jam dbyangs ngag dbang grags pa/ [= nyi lde ba ngag dbang grags pa/ (~fl. early 15th cent.)] Porong Dawa Collection [2013] (text no. 44), f. 3b


- gser mdog paN chen shAkya mchog ldan/ (1428–1507) Porong Dawa Collection [2013] (text no. 44)
- mkhas grub shes rab rin chen/ (~15th cent.), received parts of the Dzongpa Lamdre from mus srad pa rdo rje rgyal mtshan/ (1424–1498)'s disciple dngos slob shes rab rin chen/ Porong Dawa Collection [2013] (text no. 44)