P2666: bla ma 'jam nyag?

Names order acc. to frequency
  • Active Period: 1st half of 15th cent.

He and Bla ma 'Jam pa, who is mentioned in the block colophon of the Vajrasattva sādhana ( rdor sems bsnyen bsgrub sgrub thabs [ed1420s]; carved in lHa sa), may have been one and the same person. Bla ma 'Jam nyag might furthermore be identical with a certain bKa' bzhi 'dzin pa gZhon nu rdo rje alias 'Jam nyag pa who is mentioned in byams gling pa'i rnam thar I_A [ms] (f. 17a). See Fermer 2021a (p. 276 n. 96)

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