P443: rngog chos sku rdo rje/

Names order acc. to frequency
Biographical data


- mar pa chos kyi blo gros/ (~11th cent.) ming mdzod [1992] (p. 468)
- dge bshes sgyer chung ba/ (~11th cent.) ming mdzod [1992] (p. 467)


- zhu chos sdings pa/

Events (chronological)

- born in gzhung ri bo ming mdzod [1992] (p. 467)

- studied rnying ma teachings under gzhung se lung gi dge bshes dgyer chung pa ming mdzod [1992] (p. 467)

- restored the temple of ri bo khyung lding / ming mdzod [1992] (p. 468): ri bo khyung lding lha khang gsar bzhengs bcas mdzad