Online Glosseries


This post assembles a short lists of online glossaries for Tibetan terminology in the different literary fields; further reference material for specialized Tibetan terminology is catalogued under the keywords/topics: "T181: administrative terminology":, "T219: Buddhist terminology":, "T288: misc. terminology":, "T239: Medical terminology":

h2. Tibetan literature and text production

h2. Administrative

h2. Administrative, Scientific, etc.

  • "tha snyad 'tshol bsher/, TibTerm": (accessed: 2020-02-05) Central Tibetan Administration, Department of Education, Dharamsala

h2. Religious

h2. Scientific

h2. Medical

  • see glossaries on medical plants, diseases and animals in Paljor et al. 2008, appendices 2-10
  • THDL Preliminary Glossary of Tibetan Medical Terms (version: October 2002, in-progress glossary project)