R753: 'dzam gling byang phyogs kyi thub pa'i rgyal tshab chen po dpal ldan sa skya pa'i gdung rabs rin po che ji ltar byon pa'i tshul gyi rnam par thar pa ngo mtshar rin po che'i bang mdzod dgos 'dod kun 'byung / {bod yig glog rdul dpe cha/}

A mes zhabs's (1597–1659) Great Sakya Genealogy {etext | Wylie}

Digital version 2.0 {Wylie}; WYLIE COPY of master xml (completed: 2017-07-10); converted from external file, revision in process, thematic TEI markup
  • Digital edition: Sakya Research Centre (INTERNAL); This text was initially inputted by Sachen International (Digital Text version/id: AMAI016 sa skya'i gdung rabs ngo mtshar bang mdzod/.doc, 2017-05-26). It is copy protected and only intended for SRC internal usage. It should not be further distributed. (src)
  • Text input: Guru Lama, Sachen International, Kathmandu (Nepal) (si)
  • Editorial process: tshe ring grong shar/ (ut), Mathias Fermer (mf)
  • TEI Encoding: Sakya Research Centre
  • TEI Markup: Mathias Fermer (mf)
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