P137: karma 'phrin las pa/

Names order acc. to frequency
  • dpal phyogs thams cad las rnam par rgyal ba/ Ehrhard 2010 (236)
  • Date of birth: 1456 BDRC (P815)
  • Date of death: 1539 BDRC (P815)

- 1st karma 'phrin las pa/ Ⓢ

Biographical data

Family Relations

- nephew of dwags po bkra shis rnam rgyal/ (1398–1458) Van der Kuijp 2006 (p. 23)
- nephew of zur mkhar ba mnyam nyid rdo rje/ Van der Kuijp 2006 (p. 23)


- see Van der Kuijp 1991b (p. 587)

Events (chronological)

- was in possession of the lung / transmission of rong ston shes bya kun rig (1367–1449)'s Collected Works Caumanns 2015 (p. 66)

- teacher at [nA lendra'i] gzim khang 'og ma/ Caumanns 2015 (p. 66)

- 1504: founded karma grwa tshang in snyug la named snyug la legs bshad gling Ehrhard 2010 (p. 236)