P66: thang stong rgyal po/

Names order acc. to frequency

- “mad yogin” (rnal 'byor smyon pa)

Biographical data


- rong ston shes bya kun rig (1367–1449); meeting in 'phan po nA lendra/ Stearns 2007 (pp. 70, 301); meeting in gsang phu sne'u thog where rong ston/ received teachings from him Stearns 2007 (p. 524 n. 561, 552 n. 819)
- red mda' ba gzhon nu blo gros/ (1348–1412) Stearns 2007 (pp. 157f., 500 n. 373, 511f. n. 463 and 464)
- ngor chen kun dga' bzang po/ (1382–1456) Stearns 2007 (pp. 279f.) Heimbel 2014 (p. 457 n. 612)


- the governor of Yamdrok (yar 'brog khri dpon) who requested many Dharma cycles of Avalokiteśvara and presented great offerings and honors, maybe ? nam mkha' bzang po Stearns 2007 (pp. 250, 536 n. 678)
- bdag chen blo gros dbang phyug (1402–1481); bestowed teachings upon him at chu mig Stearns 2007 (p. 349)
- references to the different list of his disciples are noted in Stearns 2007; for a group of six major disciples (bu chen/), cf. Stearns 2007 (p. 551 n. 807), a group of seventeen disciples is referred to in Stearns 2007 (p. 566 n. 911)


- skal ldan rin chen bzang mo/ from at sne'u rdzong / was his most important patron for in Central Tibet Stearns 2007 (p. 534 n. 658)

- the rgyal rtse/ ruler rab brtan kun bzang 'phags/ (b. 1389) provided him with labourers to transport iron for the construction of the suspension bridge at lcags zam chu bo ri/ Stearns 2007 (pp. 42, 259) Akester 2016 (p. 243 n. 68)

Events (chronological)

- undertook scholastic studies on the four fundamental subjects and received many tantric teachings at sa skya dgon/ Stearns 2007 (pp. 114, 497 n. 348)

- received the complete lam 'bras/ from ngor chen kun dga' bzang po/ (1382–1456) Stearns 2007 (pp. 279f., 508 n. 443, 517 n. 502, 545 n. 755) Heimbel 2014 (p. 457 n. 612)

- assisted bdag po bsod nams bkra shis/ (1352–1407) in the construction of the great stūpa of rgyang / [= rgyang 'bum mo che/] Stearns 2007 (pp. 49, 117, 498 n. 357)

- held a ritual feast at ya 'gal/ in grwa/ with a retinue of about fifty, which was sponsored by the governor of yar gyab Stearns 2007 (p. 209) thang stong rgyal po rnam thar [1982] (p. 120): _'khor lnga bcu tsam dang bcas/ gra ya 'gal du rta ro la tshogs 'khor mdzad/ yar rgyab dpon chen pas sha mar rtsam chang sogs kyi tshogs 'khor bzang po jo gdan 'ga' shas dang bcas mdzad/_