P1351: mkhan chen nam mkha' lhun grub bzang po/

Names order acc. to frequency
  • Active Period: 15th cent.
Biographical data

h2. Family relations

  • tshe dbang rdo rje rig 'dzin/ (b. 1786) describes him as the son of 3rd Derge king dpon chen a snga and the elder brother of the 4th Derge king Ya rgyal 'phel sde dge'i rgyal rabs [1968] (p. 49), sde dge'i rgyal rabs [1968] (p. 89): sras bzhi byung ba'i dpon chen a snga yi/ /sras mchog jo dan nam mkha lhun bzang zhes/ /bla ma mang bsten gdams pa'i mdzod chen 'dzin/ /'jam dpal khros pa lhag pa'i lhar bzung zhing/ /rtsa sngags dung phyur bzlas mtshams ljags thog la/ /lcags kyi ril bu rang rdol byung ba dang/ /bskyed rim brtan pas nye bar gnas dag gis/ /rdo rje 'jigs byed dngos su mjal zhes thos/. See also gu ru bkra shis chos 'byung [1992] (vol. 2, p. 670)

h2. Teachers

Further teachers of his are listed at the beginning and the end of his instruction manual to the Vajrabhairava practice, see 'jigs byed kyi khrid yig sbas pa rab gsal [ms].

h2. Students

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