P148: zhwa dmar chos grags ye shes/

Names order acc. to frequency
  • Date of birth: chu mo bya (tib); 1453 BDRC (P317), Blue Annals (p. 551)
  • Date of death: 1524 BDRC (P317)

- 4th zhwa dmar incarnation

Biographical data


- strong spriritual ties with phag mo gru pa Ehrhard 2010 (p. 221); “As a close disciple of the aged Gö Lotsawa Shönu Pal and Lochen Sönam Gyatsho, both important preceptors of the Phagmotru rulers, the Fourth Shamar became closely associated with the Phagmotru court…” Jackson 2009 (p. 88)

- preceptor of the rin spungs family Ehrhard 2010 (p. 221)

Events (chronological)

~ 1476: return from journey to the eastern borderlands via Central Tibet where he receives teachings from 'gos lo tsA ba gzhon nu dpal/ (1392–1481) and lo chen bsod nams rgya mtsho/ (1424–1482) Jackson 2009 (p .88)
- 1493: becomes the monastic leader of gdan sa mthil/ and assumes the office of the spyan snga/ Jackson 2009 (p. 89)
- 1503: founding of yangs pa can/ monastery Jackson 2009 (p. 89)

- for events in his life covering the 1470s up to 1499, cf. Czaja 2013 (pp. 233-246)